Dustie DMF120 Air Sanitizer
Imported replaceable sterilization bag, portable sterilization
Portable Air Sanitizer
The original imported material replacement kit is used to inhibit and remove bacteria and microorganisms in the air by means of chlorine dioxide sterilization. It can effectively remove 99.85% H1N1 virus, 99.9% E. coli and other bacteria. Built-in battery can be used for long battery life.Sterilization and deodorization, one key to open.
Performance parameter
Power :1.5V/AA Battery*4(Buy separately)/5W(USB)Display: LED Indicator light
Rated frequency:50HzFan operating conditions:Intermittent operation
Power consumption:<0.2WStandard running time:About 30 days
Operating temperature:0-40℃Sterilization kit Service life3-6 months
Storage temperature:0-60℃Weight(kg):0.224
Sterilization rate:>99%(E. coli, H1N1 influenza A virus)Product Size(mm):94.3*68.5*H146
Sterilization method:ClO₂(sterilization kit)ColourWhite
Product Size