Nature's Art

Friends will tell you that you'll often find me out and about in our local lakes in my little boat, or trumping through the various springs and creeks of Northwest Arkansas in pursuit of freshwater driftwood.   I've always loved finding driftwood while out fishing on the lakes, or hunting for our native wildlife to video.  However It bacame my passion after a very bad storm came through our area in April of 2017, flooding all the lakes and streams in Northwest Arkansas.  If was then that Driftwood began popping up all over.  Most of our lakes are man, made built in the 60s and 70's.  When created,  oftentimes, during lake construction, they would flood whole sections of standing trees to provide fish habitat

Through the years water currents have played in and among the branches and root systems of those long dead  trees, creating fanciful and creative shapes, both abstract and sureal and most often, beautiful!  The age of these trees is such that when we have flood events like we had in April of 2017, the pressures of the high waters begin to break what's left of these trees free of their watery graves.  This is Nature's Art, and finding those works and bringing them into the light of day is my goal.

In The Beginning....

At first I was collecting for myself, but soon enough discoverd that the love of the hunt for this beautiful wood was as mucha passion as bringing the wood home and decorating with it.  It wasn't long before my husband was saying "Enough...We Have Enough!".   Gradually, I had to admit that he was right.  Piles were growing about the yard.  It looked as if my driftwood hunting days were over.  It was when I participated in the Bella Vista Woodcarver's show that I realized that there were others out there just like me...those who loved driftwood for it's artistic appeal but who didn't have the inclination, or the time, to get out there among the snakes and other critters to hunt it themselves.  Instead, they would buy it from me!

Oh Happy Days!

I didn't have to give up driftwood hunting after all.  I could continue my treasure hunt, as long as I could sell what I was finding! So Ozark Driftwood was born.  Now I sell driftwood at our local Bella Vista Farmer's Market ( April though Oct.) as well as at local Art's and Crafts fairs.  I also sell Driftwood Crafts at Wishing Spring Gallery on McNelly Rd behind Walgreens in Bella Vista.  If you find that you have a place in your yard or garden that can be enhanced by a fine piece of driftwood or two, or have a craft in mind that encorporates driftwood, feel free to give me a call or drop me an email!  I'm always glad to share my collection with others when I'm not out and about on a treasure hunt, searching for more of NATURE'S ART!