Dusite’s new RapidHeat corrugated heating element
Reduced size, but improved thermal efficiency

Dustie’s new-generation heater continues the classic natural convection heating principle, and has a built-in new RapidHeat corrugated heating element, which is compact and compact.

Balanced heating throughout the house
No more hot head and cold feet

Using the principle of air cold and heat convection, without the action of the fan, the warm air is naturally circulated to all corners of the room, quiet and silent, it will not consume too much moisture in the air, and there will be no dry body feeling when it is turned on for a long time. Therefore, it will not disturb people’s normal rest and sleep, and the situation of hot head and cold feet will no longer occur.

Color screen smart touch
Freely switch application modes
Make home heating smarter

Dustie’s convection heater adopts color LCD touch operation, equipped with a new Smart temperature control chip and intelligent interactive system, which can freely switch 4 shortcut modes such as fast heating, comfort, and energy saving, built-in time-sharing temperature control, to maximize personal customization Depending on the usage scenario, the window opening mode can also make heating smarter and more energy-efficient.

Multiple safety standards
Healthy choice for mother and baby
Wider application scenarios

Dustie’s convection heater conforms to multiple safety standards, adopts 10A standard voltage, matches people’s daily home use environment, strengthens the black crystal panel, improves the overall appearance of the home, and can also greatly reduce the surface temperature, not easy to be scalded, low The center of gravity gull-wing tripod and upgraded large-size rollers are not easy to tip over and move more stably.

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