Smart Cooking Station
Dustie Smart Cooking Station with a variety of kitchen functions and more advanced systems, is a revolutionary product for the new generation of kitchens.
The industry’s leading annular IH electromagnetic heating technology is adopted, and the main unit is equipped with a 7-inch large touch screen, with accessories such as the main pot, steamer set, and mixing paddle.
You can easily cook thousands of Chinese and foreign delicacies! Wifi wireless connection, IoT can realize real-time synchronization update and upgrade of massive recipes, so that you don’t have to go out and worry about what to eat every day. “
Easy cooking
No oily smoke! Not sultry!

Dustie Smart cooking station uses a closed pot cooking method, with 40~140°C smoke-free medium and low temperature cooking technology, so that your cooking process will be free from oily smoke, high temperature, burns and other troubles! Start a new generation of oil-free cooking!

Cooking is compatible with life

Say goodbye to the cooking process that is afraid to leave every second! Dustie Smart cooking station uses automatic program cooking, and automatically cooks after adding ingredients. You can have more time to spend time with your family and share good times!

Healthy diet
Medium and low temperature cooking, delicious and healthier

Dustie Smart cooking station adopts 40~140°C smoke-free medium and low temperature cooking technology to reduce the damage to the ingredients and prevent your ingredients from being cooked by excessive high temperature, so as to be truly original!

Precise control! Professional standards!

For an excellent chef, maintaining a stable and high-quality dishes standard is the most difficult! Dakook is like a five-star chef, precisely controlling time, heat, weight, and stir-frying speed.


Please go to the Apple App Store and Android Market to download the Mycook App for use with Dustie Smart cooking station devices

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Performance parameter
Motor:50~8500 rpm
Heating method:IH
Maximum temperature:140 degrees Celsius
Screen size:7寸
Power consumption:1600W,1000W(Heating power),600W(Electric power)
Product Manual
Other specifications
Pot capacity:2.0L
Steamer set:Have
Electronic scale:Have
Guide cooking:Have
Product weight:7kg
Product Size:370x310xH290/410mm