Dustie DHK3 Dehumidifier
Efficient dehumidification
The body is small and light, the floor area is only the size of a C4 envelope, and the side water tank is designed for easy observation of the water tank and easier removal. The daily average dehumidification capacity is about 6L/D (20°C, 60%RH), which is equivalent to 12 flat mineral water per day. The adjustable automatic swing head mode increases the control range. With the nano-silver antibacterial filter, it is durable and reliable. .
Performance parameter
Dehumidification method:Dehumidification methodTiming:2/4/8H
Dehumidifying ability:6L/D(20°, RH70%)Drainage:Water tank/Pipe
Humidity control:55-60Filter:Antibacterial primary filtration
Wind speed control:2 stageTank volume(L):4
Extremely fast drying:YESPower consumption(W):560
Automatic head swing:YESWeight(kg):8.3
Humidity display:-Product Size(mm):350*240*H505
Negative ions:-
Product Size