Dustie DAC800 Air Cleaner
Biochemical protection
Net endless
Large space flagship air cleaner
The large clean air output of more than 800m³/h, the maximum applicable area can reach 103m², suitable for villas, large living rooms, master bedrooms, small commercial and office spaces, etc., 10 meters of air supply radius, fast cleaning without dead ends. Built-in 16 sealed dual-band UV-LEDs, combined with a new medical-grade antibacterial HEPA filter, can remove more than 99.99% of biochemical pollutants such as human coronavirus, H1N1 influenza virus, and Staphylococcus albus, and lastingly protect the respiratory health of family members.
Performance parameter
Particle CADR:>800m³/hNegative ions:Yes
Application area:56-103m²Ambient light:Yes
Particulate CCMP4Particulate matter purification energy efficiency:High-efficiency
Formaldehyde CCM:F4Formaldehyde purification energy efficiency:High-efficiency
Formaldehyde CADR:>500m³/hPower consumption (W):100W
Sterilization rate:>99%Net weight (kg):13
Formaldehyde Filter:OptionalPacking size (mm):455*388*H595
Filter form:Separate FilterColor:Grey/White
Product Size