Dustie DAC500 Plus Air Cleaner
Cleaner and quieter,Extraordinary performance
Bedroom air cleaner
Ultra-fine particulate matter filtration, PM2.5 primary filtration rate can reach 100%, PM0.3 primary filtration rate>99%, 505m³/h clean air output, maximum applicable area up to 60m², suitable for master bedroom, small living room, etc., quiet Operation, pure air and sleep are blended, built-in PM2.5 smart dust removal program, simple and convenient operation.
Performance parameter
Particle CADR:505m³/hAir quality display:Have
Application area:35-60m²Sensor:Dual sensing
Particle CCM:P4Negative ion:Have
Formaldehyde CCM:F4Ambient Light:-
Formaldehyde CADR:300m³/hParticle purification energy efficiency:High efficiency
Sterilization rate:>99%Formaldehyde purification energy efficiency:High efficiency
Formaldehyde Filter:OptionalPower consumption(W):40
Filter form:Separate FilterPackage weight(kg):10.9
Timing:2/4/8/12HPackage Size(mm):420*377*H545
Automatic mode:HaveColour:Champagne gold
Product Size