Original Oil Painting Attributed to R. Atkinson Fox - Early 1900s American Artist and Illustrator

Framed this oil measures 28x 38.5  while the canvas mesures 20" x 30".  It is unsigned as far as I can tell.  I purchased it at an Estate Auction a couple years ago because I liked the scene. 
Only reciently, while searching info on a couple of Atkinson Fox prints I purchased at another estate auction, I found the print pictured below this painting.  Though there are subtle
differences between the painting and the Fox print (with the biggest being the painting is not signed) there's no doubt that the painting is of the same scene as the print.  Now I'm in
detective mode, trying to find out who might have done this painting.  Of course, I'd love to find out it was done by Fox himself, but if it wasn't, I'd like to
know who did it, and when and where.  I'd also love to know what a general value of such a painting would be?

The frame, though attractive, is not original with the work.  The frame is labeled on the back "Coninental Frame Co" Japan, April 10, 1961.

If anyone out there has any ideas, please, share them with me.  It would be greatly appreciated! My name is Dustie and you can reach me at dustie@dustie.com
And if you don't mind, I'd love to post your thoughts here on this page.  However, if you'd rather I didn't, that's ok too.

Attributed to R Atkinson Fox Original Oil on Canvas 

Images of R. Atkinson Fox print's that sold on the internet... Both have badly faded through the years, but it's obvious it's the same scene as the paiting. 
It's the sutle differences in the flowers between the painting and the prints that have me wondering though...

Question...should I remove the painting from the frame?  It has sizers on the back so I've been hesitent to remove them..what do you think?
Check out the pictures of the back of the painting below the prints...